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"Either you will
go through this door
or you will not go through.

If you go through
There is always the risk
Of remembering your name."

~ Adrienne Rich

Holistic Depth Psychotherapy

Holistic depth psychotherapy encompasses a myriad of approaches to healing that embrace the central value of promoting lasting and comprehensive transformations in a person's overall sense of self, capacity for deep relational intimacy, and experience of being more fully alive in the present moment. Depth psychotherapy is sometimes referred to as "life-changing" therapy because it is aimed at supporting deep and radical growth in an individual’s entire holistic being rather than addressing only particular fragments of a person or effecting a medically conceptualized "cure".

Depth Psychology is rooted in the humanities and philosophy. It directs its attention toward a profound investigation of the nature of the human mind, spirit and soul. The study of the human soul is obviously not readily amenable to the patently limited research measurements of the empirical sciences and medical model. Therefore holistic depth psychology forges a broader and more multidimensional pathway of inquiry by incorporating cutting edge scientific and psychological knowledge of human beings along with more artful, poetic and imaginative vehicles for understanding and exploring the deepest recesses of the psyche.

Depth Psychotherapy refers to several schools of psychotherapy that are oriented toward helping people achieve substantial felt insights into their inner experiential worlds. A depth therapy orientation is concerned with the individual's overall quality of existence, her self-awareness, his sense of life purpose and meaning, her personal experience of self in relationship to others and within the context of the human condition. The goal of a depth approach is not so much to "repair" the person but rather to enhance psychological wisdom and to help the individual to live more consciously, vividly, and authentically.

Depth psychotherapy often places great emphasis in exploring an individual's embodied and subjective experiences in the here-and-now rather than striving only for the attainment of detached intellectual and conceptual insights. An exclusively ‘heady’ or analytical approach results in no substantive change of the person’s innermost sense of self nor does this approach effectively alleviate psychological suffering. A depth therapeutic orientation, on the other hand, inclusively connects and works with the person's experiential sensations, emotions, thoughts, and perceptions as they unfold in the living moment. This has proven to evoke significant positive changes in one’s core sense of an evolving self within the larger world.

Holistic depth therapists do not see their clients as broken presenting problems in need of repair but rather as human beings who- though often wounded and scarred through various childhood traumas and unfavorable growing conditions- possess within themselves the potential for profound metamorphosis. A person's inherent capacity for self transfiguration is evoked, developed, and nurtured within the healing cocoon of the psychotherapeutic relationship. This warmly engaged, deeply present, and authentically attuned relationship is understood to be essential in supporting the gradual maturation of the individual's genuine, empowered, and richly connected selfhood.

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N Ditz

"Relationship, based on empathic attunement, is the key to the process of therapy….empathic attitude and response to the experiences being reported allows for a relaxation of some of the engrained patterns of rejection and judgment on the part of the client. There is a kind of 'corrective relational experience' in which the unacceptable is accepted and responded to in a caring, affectively present and re-connected manner. Disowned aspects of self are witnessed and allowed. The therapist models an empathic way of being with painful memories and feelings."

~ Judith V. Jordan

Holistic Depth psychotherapy avoids the all too common pitfalls of modern, one size fits all, managed care dictated psychological services in which people in pain are squeezed into simplistic, formulaic and standardized treatment protocols then rushed toward an externally dictated version of mental health. Holistic depth therapy is about a deeply personalized, human assisted journey into an abundantly alive and integrated Selfhood (to) Holistic depth therapy encompasses the creation of a uniquely personalized, human assisted journey into an abundantly alive and integrated Selfhood. This psychotherapy involves a special and intimate relationship: one that is respectful, benevolent, and empathically attentive to the client's particular experiences, needs and values. Holistic depth psychotherapy is dedicated to helping each human butterfly discover and organically develop her own original multihued wings so that he might one day take flight, thrive, and live exuberantly Real and Free.

Nicole Ann Ditz, MA CMHC, Holistic Depth Psychotherapist

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