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Notes from the Chrysalis

Healing the Inner Child(ren):

"The hardest thing for any of us to do is to have compassion for ourselves. As children we felt responsible for the things that happened to us. We blamed ourselves for the things that were done to us and for the deprivations we suffered. There is nothing more powerful in this transformational process than being able to go back to that child who still exists within us and say 'It wasn't your fault. You didn't do anything wrong, you were just a little kid'."
~ Robert Burney

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N Ditz

"Healing is like weeding; watching closely for the feelings and messages that restrict, bending down until I am the size of a child, then pulling out the roots and shaking the good dirt back onto my own ground, the ground upon which my life happens. I found I could not talk myself out of my pain and anger. I discovered that core beliefs and feelings are closely connected and that I must get close to my feelings to heal... Healing is a process of cleaning the wounds by expressing what lives there. This involves inviting the wounded child selves forward and listening to them."

~ Louise Wisechild

The Grey Wolf

"For eleven years I have worked with Nicole in psychotherapy. Our work together has been the hardest and most important of my life...and in fact saved it. Because of her consistent kindness, caring, and acceptance of the raging person inside me (the only person who ever accepted that part of me... I couldn't scare her away!), I slowly began to internalize and identify myself as more than a victim of profound childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect.

I have come to recognize myself as a real person and an empowered woman. We brought to light from the depths of me the reason I had survived as long as I had: my inner children, a scared and sad little girl and a very angry thirteen year old. My healing and growth would not have happened without my adult self befriending, loving and listening to my inner children. They are very wise and I have learned so much from them. They brought to the surface my family history and the depth of the feelings that were buried inside me. With Nicole's help, I have been slowly teaching them that the abuse was not their fault, that they did nothing to deserve it, and that we are all lovable just as we are.

I would not be this close to heaving myself over the top of the wall of victimhood if I had not developed an intimate relationship with my inner children. I am near the top. Eleven years sounds like a lifetime doesn't it? They have been the most productive years of my life. If I can do it at age 68, so can you!"

Surfing Chaos

"Until I started therapy with Nicole, I felt like I was a ball of chaos: my personal relationships weren't working, my work relationships were suffering, and I was more stressed out than ever.

Nicole has helped me to navigate the blueprint of my childhood and to get to the underlying causes of all the patterns and learned behaviors that I never even knew existed. I have discovered my inner little guy who often has felt scared, sad, ashamed, and 'not good enough' due to a childhood of being emotionally neglected and feeling unlovable. My 'big guy' has grown tight with my little guy over the years and now knows pretty quickly what that part of me is feeling, why he is triggered, and when he is acting out, avoiding, dissociating and 'running away' from emotionally painful situations.

I have finally started to really take control of my life. My adult is now mostly in charge of surfing the waves and emotional challenges instead of my little guy running the show. I know much better how to recognize and support my inner child, and he gets to come along for the ride!"


N Ditz

"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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